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Botswana mobile safaris

Good to know

How many people can we have in our party? A minimum of four and a maximum of 12 people are accommodated in utmost comfort and style, while experiencing the excitement of camping in the wild.

Can we choose where to go on our safari? Chase Africa can take you to all the best destinations that Botswana has to offer. This country is home to an incredibly diverse environment hosting a wide variety of Africa’s biggest and smallest fauna and flora. Itineraries include budget, comfort or luxury camping in Moremi Game Reserve, Central Kalahari, Makgadikgadi Pans, Nxai Pan, and Chobe National Park. Pre-prepared camps are located in private sites well off the beaten track.

Will we need to help put up tents? All camp duties are taken care of by Chase Africa’s friendly camp staff, which leaves you very little responsibility, and that is to relax and enjoy!

Will I be able to use my phone? Moving in remote wilderness areas, Chase Africa offers a true digital detox experience, trading real-life encounters for screen time. Of course every safari includes access to emergency comms, but we wager you won’t miss the Internet! Electricity in camp is available through an inverter that can be used for charging cameras and phones.

What if we would like a night in a lodge? Itineraries can be customised to include both mobile camping and lodge experiences.

Will we need any special medication? Before travelling, guests are encouraged to consult their local doctors about anti-malarial medication and preparation, however a repellent stick or spray is effective and should be utilised.

What clothes will we need? The climate in Botswana brings very hot, dry periods and wet seasons (December-February). Winter (June, July, August) brings cold nights and mild, dry days. Depending on what time of year you travel, you will need certain essentials.

  • Throughout the year, we recommend packing lightweight, neutral-coloured clothing with short sleeves
  • Bring sun protection in the form of sunblock, sun hats, and glasses.
  • Scarves, jackets and gloves are needed for early mornings on vehicles and boats, especially in winter
  • Comfortable walking shoes are essential
  • Bring along cameras, binoculars and recording gadgets to keep a record of the many wildlife sightings.